Lisun EMS-ISO7637 汽车电子抗扰度测试系统 (12V/24V)

• This system includes all the waveforms required by ISO7637-2: 2011 standard (ISO16750-2 is optional).

• Operation screen: Adopted with big colorful LCD touch screen and applied with main module expand technology architecture design.

• Designed for 12V/24V automotive electronic immunity test.

• Built-in various host interfaces and can work with LISUN software on a PC.

• The software includes all relevant standards, and customers can also add or update the standards

System Configuration:

Multifunctional Immunity Test instrument Host LIS-7600

P1/2a Simulator LIS-7610

P2b/4 Simulator LIS-7620

P3 Simulator LIS-7630

P2b/4 Simulator LIS-7640

P5a/5b Simulator LIS-7650

Artificial Network LISN200

Switch TES200N

Capacitive Coupling Clamp (Option) VFTC

19 Inch Cabinet (Option) CASE-19




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