Lisun EN62471-A 光生物安全测试仪 (200nm - 800nm)

• Wavelength range: 200nm to 800nm (EN62471-A)

• Radiance geometry: optics simulating human eye’s retina

• Acceptance aperture: Dia. 7mm for radiance; Dia. 20mm & 7mm for irradiance

• FOV range: 1.5mrad to 110mrad (1.7mrad, 11mrad, 100/110mard) according to exposure duration of radiance measurement; and 100mrad, 1.4rad and 6.28rad for irradiance measurement

• Testing distance: 200mm to 6.0m(optional) with constant FOVs and input aperture

• Image resolution:1600×1200

• Maximum exposure scanning range: 2pi-space

• Calibration: It can be traced to NIM

• Detectors: PMT/InGaAs/Si/PbS

• Imaging radiance meter: scientific grade 16bit CCD camera with TEC,

• Sampling speed of pulse source:20 us to 10 s

• Wavelength accuracy:0.1nm(UV), 0.2nm(VIS),0.4nm(IR)

System Configurations

Spectroradiometer and Software

Radiance Meter

Optical Rail and accessories

Standard Lamp for calibrate

Testing instruments cabined



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