Lisun GLE-20 Face Masks Particulate Filtration Efficiency PFE Tester (10~100L/min)

1. Filtration efficiency detection flowmeter range: (10 ~ 100) L / min, accuracy level 2.5

2. Filtration efficiency detection range: (0.001 ~999)%.

3. Filtering efficiency sampling frequency: 1-9999 times / min can be set arbitrarily.

4. Filtration efficiency Particulate concentration: (0.001-200) mg / m³.

5. Differential pressure sensor range: 0 ~1000pa

6. Counting median diameter: salt particles (0.075 ±0.02) μm, oil particles (0.185 ± 0.02) μm. Geometric standard deviation of particle size distribution: salt particles≤1.86, oil particles≤1.60. Dynamic detection range: 0.001-100 mg / m³, accuracy 1%.

7. Test area: 100cm².

8. Aerosol: NaCl (optionally with DOP, DEHS, paraffin oil, corn oil).

9. Aerosol concentration: 12-20mg / m³ (Nacl), 50-200mg / m³ (DOP).

10. The system contains two independent aerosol generators: oily and salty aerosol generators containing two particle counting sensors, one particle concentration sensor and one particle generator

11. Power: AC220V 50Hz(120V/60Hz can be customized)




1. The oil and salt two-in-one test and the two sets of test hardware systems are completely independent. The test does not interfere with each other to ensure the accuracy of the oil and salt test.

2. The aerosol generator is used to produce continuous and stable aerosol particles, which is convenient for filling the solution.

3. A high-precision particle concentration counter (the core component of the sensor imported from the United States) is used to measure the number of aerosol particles.

4. The whole particle anti-leakage design protects the safety of laboratory personnel.

5. Equipped with aerosol particulate static neutralization device.

6. Configure temperature and humidity sensor, real-time display of ambient temperature and humidity (temperature and humidity requirements: 25 ℃ ± 5 ℃, 30% RH ± 10% RH).

7. Equipped with glass rotor flowmeter, vacuum pump and gas electromagnetic flowmeter.

8. Control system: touch-screen computer and test software have been configured to automatically test gas concentration and filtration efficiency, save, output, query, copy and export test data, support A4 paper printing and small bill printing test results

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