Lisun HSCD-760 分光计 (400-700nm)

Measurement Condition: Observation angle: 2°/10°Illumination: d/8 (Diffused lighting, 8 degrees observe angle)、SCI (specular reflection included)/S CE (specular reflection excluded) simultaneous measurement. (conform to CIE No.15、ISO 7724/1、ASTM E1164、DIN 5033 Teil7、 JIS Z8722 Condition c standards) 

Size of integrating sphere Φ40mm, Avian diffused reflection surface coating

Illumination Light source: CLEDs (Full band balanced LED light source)

Sensor: dual optical path sensor array 

Wavelength range: 400-700nm 

Wavelength interval: 10nm 

Half spectral width: 5nm 

Reflectivity range: 0-200% 

Resolution: 0.01% 

Observer angle: 2°/10°

Measurement Light Source: A, C, D50. D55, D65, D75, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10. F11, F12, DLF, TL83, TL84, NBF, U30. CWF

Data being displayed: SPD distribution/data, sample’s color values, color difference values/graph, pass/fail results, color error tendency, color simulation,display measurement area, history data color simulation, manual input standard sample, generate measurement report

Measurement time interval: 2 second

Measurement time: 0.5s

Color space: CIE-L*a*b, L*C*h, L*u*v, XYZ, Yxy, Reflective, Hunterlab, Munsell MI, CMYK, RGB, HSB

Color difference formulas: ΔE*ab, ΔE*CH, ΔE*uv, ΔE*cmc (2:1), ΔE*cmc (1:1), ΔE*94, ΔE*00, ΔEab (Hunter)

Other colorimetric indices:

WI (ASTM E313-10. ASTM E313-73, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter, Taube Berger, Ganz, Stensby); YI (ASTM D1925, ASTM E313-00. ASTM E313-73); Tint (ASTM E313, CIE, Ganz)Metamerism index Milm, Stick color fastness, Color fastness

ISO luminance, 8 gloss, A density, T density, M density, E density


light splitting reflectivity: standard deviation within 0.08%

Chromaticity values: ΔE*ab <=0.015 Maximum: 0.03

Battery capacity: rechargeable, 10000 continuous tests, 7.4V/6000mAh

Interface: USB

Data storage: 20000 test results

Light source longevity: 5 years, 1.5 million tests

Inter-instrument agreement: ΔE*ab within 0.2 (BCRA color charts II, average of the 12 charts)

Size: 181*73*112mm (L*W*H)

Weight: about 550g (does not include battery’s weight)

Display: True color screen that includes all colors

Work temperature range: 0~45℃, relative humidity 80% or below (at 35°C ), no condensation

Storage temperature range: -25℃ to 55℃, relative humidity 80% or below (at 35°C ), no condensation

Standard accessories: DC adapter, Lithium battery, manual, color management software, drive software, electronic manual, color management guide, USB cable, black/white calibration tube, protective cover, spire lamella, portable bag, electronic color charts, measurement and test report

Optional powder molding device, micro printer

Color matching system: match

UV light source: without UV light source



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