Lisun IS-2.OMA77C 侧面辅助开孔积分球 (∅700mm)

Side Opening Size: Diameter is 700mm

• Painting material of integrating spheres is according to CIE Pub.No.84 (1989) and IES-LM-79 Standard.

• The painting material is BaSO4 coating: ρ (λ) ≥0.96 (450nm~800nm) and ρ (λ) ≥0.92 (380nm~450nm)

• Fine diffuse reflection: Reflectance ρ≈0.8 and accuracy of ρ (λ) <1.5%

• Build-in all functional lamp testing jigs: for E40/E27, T5/T8/T12 tubes and the testing holder base for LED and other lum samples under test can be installed both up and down directions in the sphere.

• Power cable, power terminal and auxiliary lamp position are built-in (Auxiliary lamp is optional).

• Power cable and socket are build-in. It is convenient to power on the lamp under test

• Two photo detector ports, one optical fiber port and temperature sensor hole are built-in

• Build-in cross laser can help to install the standard lamp and the lamp under test in the center of the integrating sphere 



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