Lisun JL-9K1L 高温高压喷射水试验箱 (8000~10000kPa, 80℃ ±5°C)

• Working Chamber: 1000x1000x1000mm

• Test time: 30s (Adjustable)

• Angle of Water Ring: 0°, 30°, 60°, 90° (Other angle is also adjustable)

• Number of blowhole: 4

• Based on a horizontal line, nozzle hole distributed at anticlockwise ±0° ±30° ±60° ±90°with valve on nozzle. Spray sequence is programmable.

• Water Temperature in Tank: 80℃ ±5°C (Adjustable, enhanced temperature and water overflow protection)

• Spraying distance: 100mm~200mm and can be adjustable nozzle distance by manual

• Spraying pressure: 8000~10000kPa (81.5~101.9kg/cm2)

• Electrical high temperature flow meter: Flow is 14~16 L/min

• Rotation speed of testing table: 5-17r/min (Motor drives turbine slow rotating, control speed and adjust to appropriate speed by frequency converter)

• Max sample size: 15kg/Φ400~500mm




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