Lisun LPCE-3 CCD LED测试的LED光谱仪积分球集成系统 (380nm~800nm)

• Spectral Range Wavelength: 380nm~800nm (200~1050nm is optional)

• Spectral Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5nm Wavelength Reproducibility: ±0.5nm

• Sample Scanning Steps: ±0.1nm

• Accuracy of Chromaticity Coordinate (Δx, Δy): ±0.003

• Correlated Color Temperature CCT: 1,500K~25,000K. CCT Accuracy: ±0.5%

• Color Rendering Index Range: 0~100.0. Accuracy: ± (0.3%rd±0.3)

• Photometric linear: ±0.5%

• Stray light: <0.015% (600nm) and <0.03% (435nm)

• Integrtion Time: 0.1mS~20S

System Configuration:

CCD Spectroradiometer LMS-7000VIS

Optical Fiber CFO-1.5M

Digital DC Power Supply DC3005S 

Digital Power Meter LS2008R 

AC Power Source LSP-500VAS

Big Integrating Sphere with Cabinet IS-1.5MA-CASE

Small Integrating Sphere IS-0.3M

Standard Lamp Source SLS-50W 24V/50W

Auxiliary Lamp Test Set RLS-50W

Standard Lamp Source SLS-10W




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