Lisun LS616S 光色电参数快速测试仪 (300V, 5A / 0.001kcd/m2-999.9kcd/m2)

>>Electric parameter:

1. Measuring range: Voltage: 0-300V; Current: 0-0.5A/5A (Auto range switch)

2. Input resistance: Voltage: greater than 1MΩ; Current: less than 0.01Ω

3. Frequency range: Base frequency 45Hz, band 5KHz

4. Accuracy specification: Voltage, Current, Power: ±(0.4% read value+1digit)

5. Power factor: ±(0.004+0.001/read value+1digit)

>> Photometric parameter:

1. Measuring range of brightness: 0.001kcd/m2-999.9kcd/m2

2. Accuracy grade: 1class

3. Range: automatic switch between four grade of decuple scale



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