Lisun LSBCI-40 大电流注入测试系统 (≥300mA)

System Configuration

1. Bulk Current Injection Host Machine

• Test current: ≥300mA

• Output impedance: 50Ω

• Voltage standing wave ratio: ≤1.2

2. Signal Source (Built-in Host Machine)

• Frequency: 9K~1GHz (Maximum can scalable up to 3GHz)

3. Power Amplifier (Built-in Host Machine)

• Maximum output power: 125W (Linear power)

4. Power Meter (Built-in Host Machine)

• Input frequency: 9KHz~1GHz

• Input power: -40dBm~+30dBm

5. Directional Coupler (Built-in Host Machine): Coupling 40dB

6. F-120-6A Current Injection Probe: Maximum input power 1000W

7. F-55 Current Monitoring Probe: Maximum input power 1000W

8. FCC-BCICF-1 Calibration Fixture for Current Injection Probe: Fixing fixture for flow injection probe

9. Artificial Power Network: Simulate actual line impedance

10. Software: Chinese and English software which support Win7, Win8 and Win10

11. Magenetic Shielding Room: SDR-4000B inside size is 4000*1200*1800mm (option, the size can be designed according to customer request)



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