Lisun LSG-1200A Compact Goniophotometer (0.1~30,000lx, ±0.2°)

♦ LSG-1200A has included a dark case

♦ Test range of luminosity: 0.1~30,000lx

♦ Test accuracy of luminosity: Class A

♦ Test range of angle:


Horizontal angle: -0°~360° (Automatic)

Vertical angle: -90°~+90°(Automatic)

♦ Test accuracy of angle: ±0.2°

♦ Angle interval:

Horizontal angle: 1°/5°/10°/15°/22.5°/30°/45°/90°

Vertical angle: 0.5°/2°/1.5°

♦ Measure the maximum size of lamps: diameter=180mm

♦ The distance between the tested lamp and detector is 316mm/1000mm

♦ Measure beam angle automatically: staple half intensity angle as well as 1/4 intensity angle, 3/4 intensity angle and 1/10 intensity angle which meets the special requirements.

♦ Meets the requirements of IEC, CIE and LM-79 standards

♦ Work power supply:

a) Power supply voltage: AC 220V±10%

b) Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

c) Power dissipation: 35VA

♦ Requirement of working environment:

a) Allowable working environmental temperature: 0℃~40℃

b) Best temperature for normal test: 25℃±5℃

c) Relative humidity: ≤65%R.H 




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