Lisun LSP-5KVAS PWM式交流电源 (5000W)

• Output Power: 5000W

• Specification: 0~150V: 42A / 150V~300V: 21A

• Circuit Type: (IGBT) MPWM Pulse Duration Modulation

• Input: 1 Phase 220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz±5%

• Output Voltage: HIGH/LOW Adjustable

1) 1 Phase Voltage Range: (HIGH)0~300V, (LOW)0~150V

2) Nominal Voltage: +10%~+25%, -10%~-30%

• Output Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, adjustable between 45 and 70 Hz, 400Hz

• Load Voltage Stabilization Rate: ≦0.5%

• Frequency Stabilization Rate: 0. 1% (Fix Point 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz)

• Wave Distortion Rate: ≦2% (Resistor Load); Efficiency: ≧85%

• Output Instruments: Frequency Indicator, 4-digits RMS digital frequency indicator, resolution is 0.1Hz Voltage Meter, 4-digits RMS digital voltage meter, resolution 0.1V Ampere Meter, 4-digist RMS digital ampere meter, resolution 1Ma Power Indicator, 4-digits RMS digital power indicator, resolution 1W Power Factor Meter Resolution 0.001

• Protective Devices: Over load, short circuit, over voltage, over current, over temperature protective and alarm devices

• Operating Environment: Temperature 0~40℃ Relative Humidity 0~90%



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