Lisun RSY-LT 热线点火测试仪

• It is according to IEC60695-2-20 and GB4943

• Heating coil: ф 0.5mm, Ni80/Cr20, Length: 250mm±5mm, Cold Resistance: 5.28Ω/m, Anneal holder distance: 250mm

• Specimen holder distance and height: 70mm, Height: 60mm (The distance from stand surface to the connector plate surface)

• Wire wrapping tension and its distance: 5.4N±0.05N, 6.3mm±0.2mm (within 31.5mm±0.5mm, coil 5 cycle, national standard is 6mm)

• Annealing time and power: 8s~12s (Digital display can be preset). 0.26W/mm±4% (Digital display is adjustable)

• Testing time and power 120s (1s~999.9s Digital display can be preset), 0.26W/mm±4% (Digital display is adjustable)

• Specimen size: L×W×H: (125± 5) × (13.0±0.5) × (0.75+0.075) mm, 1.5+0.150mm, 3+0.3 0mm) national standard 0.75±0.1 mm, 1.5±0.1 mm, 3±0.2 mm

• Combustion box volume is bigger than 0.5m (other size can be option)



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