Lisun SC-020 防尘试验机 (RT+10~50℃, 10Kpa)

♦ Working Room Size (mm): 1000*2000*1000

♦ Remark: Double door structure

• Temperature range: RT+10~50℃

• Standard wire warp of metal net: 50um; Standard spacing between wires: 75um

• Test dust: dry talc powder; Talc powder dosage: 2~4kg/m; Dust reduction method: free dust reduction

• Total test time: 0~999H (adjustable);

vibration time: 0~999H (adjustable);

timing accuracy: ±1 second

• Vacuum: 0~10Kpa (adjustable); Pumping speed: 0~4800L/H (adjustable)

• Power supply of test samples: single-phase 220V/50Hz or 100V/60Hz

• Safety protection function: leakage protection, short circuit protection

• The shell is made of domestic high-quality steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with paint, which is beautiful and durable.

• The inner box, sample rack, etc. are made of stainless steel plates to ensure that they will not rust for a long time.

• There is a transparent observation window (toughened glass material) on the door, and an LED lighting lamp is installed in the box to facilitate the observation of the internal test situation.

• There is a device for replacing dust at the bottom of the device, which can easily 100% replace the used dust.

• A special device is installed to ensure that the dust does not stick to the wall and condense. The working time of the device is adjustable, and it can work automatically and alternately.

• Dustproof test chamber control system: 7-inch touch screen + Panasonic PLC . The dust blower, dust vibration and total test time can be controlled separately. This controller has the following various arbitrary setting control functions:

1. Dust blowing time (stop, blowing): can arbitrarily choose any of continuous and periodic dust blowing time to setting;

2. Vibration time: vibration and stop vibration time are automatically alternated;

3. Preset test time: the maximum test time is 99 hours and 59 minutes;

• Heating system: The circulating air duct is equipped with a heater to heat the dust to avoid dust condensation. 

• Vacuum system: equipped with vacuum pump, vacuum pressure, air filtration, flow meter, pressure regulating triplet, connecting pipe



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