Lisun TTC-1 漏电起痕测试仪 (100 ~ 600V)

• It uses rectangle size of platinum electrode. Each electrode can force to the sample with 1.0±0.05N, and it is adjustable according standard.

• The testing voltage is 100~600V (48~60Hz) which can be adjustable

• When the short-circuit current is 1.0±0.1A, the voltage drops will be no more than 10%

• Equipment will stop the test automatically if the short-circuit current is higher than 0.5 A and last for 2 seconds during the testin the sample didnot pass the test.

• The liquid drop device can make the liquid height from 30~40mm (adjustable), and liquid size is 44~55 drops/1cm . The interval is 30S±5S (adjustable)

• Internal dimensions: 800x800x800mm and external dimensions: 1120x520x1250mm (Special size can be designed as customer’



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