Lisun WDT-1 导线受损程度试验机

• Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

• Test rate: 10±2r/min (GB16915.1-97: 12 ±1r/min)

• Rotating radius: 100mm

• Test distance: 250~500mm adjustable

• Test numbers (Number of rotating): 0~999999 any set

• Mass: 0.3KG, 0.4KG, 0.7KG, 0.9KG, 1.4KG, and 2.0KG (GB16915.1-97: 30N, 40N, 50N, 60N each of 2 pcs)

• Stations: 2

• Dimension: 1200×1400×400 (mm)

• Remarks: The mass and rotating radius can be optional as per customer requirements



WDT-1 Wire Strength Damaged Tester is designed and manufactured according to corresponding regulation in standard IEC60884-1, IEC884-1, GB299.1-96, GB16915.1-97 and other electronic accessories relevant standard. Mainly used to test damage degree of fixed connection components lead wire of with thread clamping type and no screw terminals, so as to inspect whether it can withstand mechanical stress during normal use.

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