Lisun WKS-1010 口罩细菌过滤效率(BFE)检测仪 (AC220V±10%,50Hz)

Main parameter: Parameter range  //  Resolution  //  Accuracy

Sampling flow: 28.3L/min  //  0.1L/min  //  Better than ±2.5%

Spray flow: (8~10)L/min  //  0.1L/min  //  Better than ±2.5%

Peristaltic pump flow: (0.006~3.0)ml/min  //  0.001ml/min  //  Better than ±2.5%

Front pressure of flowmeter: (-20~0)KPa  //  0.01KPa  //  Better than ±2.5%

Front pressure of Spray flowmeter:  (0~300)KPa  //  0.1KPa  //  Better than ±2.5%

Ambient temperature: (-40~99)℃  //  0.1℃  //  Better than ±2.5%

Negative pressure of aerosol chamber: (-90~-120)Pa  //  0.1Pa  //  Better than ±2.0%

Negative pressure of cabinet: -50~-200Pa

Data storage capacity: >100000 groups

Specification and quantity of vortex mixer test tube: Φ16×150mm tube;8

High efficiency air filter characteristics: Filtration efficiency for particles above 0.3um≥99.99%

Mass median diameter of aerosol generator: 3.0±0.3μm,Geometric standard deviation≤1.5

Integrated 6 Grades Andersen Sampler capture particle size:  Grade I>7μm,Grade Ⅱ(4.7~7)μm,Grade Ⅲ(3.3~4.7)μm,Grade Ⅳ(2.1~3.3)μm,Grade Ⅴ(1.1~2.1)μm,Grade Ⅵ(0.6~1.1)μm

Aerosol chamber specifications:  60cm(Length)×8.5 cm(Diameter)× 3cm(Thickness)

Total number of particles of positive quality control sampler: 2200±500cfu

Ventilation flow of negative pressure cabinet: ≥5m3/min

Size of negative pressure cabinet: 755×400×990mm (W×D×H)

Size of host: 1200×630×2100mm (W×D×H)

Instrument noise: <65dB(A)

Total Weight: About150kg

Power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz

Power consumption: <1500W




Negative pressure experiment system to ensure the safety of operators;

Negative pressure cabinet built-in peristaltic pump. integrated 6 Grades Andersen;

The flow rate of the peristaltic pump can be set;

The special microbial aerosol generator bacterial liquid spray flow rate can be set. and the atomization effect is good;

Embedded high-speed industrial microcomputer control;

10.4 inch industrial grade high-brightness color touch screen;

USB interface. support U disk data transfer;

Built-in high-brightness lighting lamp in the cabinet;

Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators;

Heat insulation and flame retardant between the inner and outer layers;

The front opening and closing glass door is convenient for the experimenter to observe and operate;

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