Lisun WKS-1208 口罩阻燃性测试仪 (AC220V, 50Hz, 50W)

Line speed of head mould automatic movement: (60±5)mm/s

Flame height: 40±4mm ajustable

Height between flame and burner tip: (20±2)mm

Temperature between flame and burner tip: (800±50)℃

The distance between the top of the burner and the lowest poin t of the mask: (20±2)mm

Height of burner: Adjustment range: 30mm

Wall thickness of the metal head mold: 2~3mm,flame and burning resistance

Dimension: 980*550*350mm

Continuous ignition time and ignition time timer: 0~9999.9s, accuracy±0.1s

Power supply: AC220V,50Hz,50W




PLC touch screen control system; make the test more convenient, easy to operate and visualize.

The mask fixture is a metal human head mold which can fully simulate the actual use of the mask.

The height of the burner is adjustable.

The burner is automatic timing positioning.

The burning time and flame retardant time are automatically recorded and displayed digitally.

Equipped with flame temperature measurement probe and flame temperature indicator.

Automatic control system, automatic ignition.

The burner is equipped with combustible gas interfaces such as propane (liquefied petroleum gas).

Automatic timing, automatic storage of test data, easy to retrieve experiment report.

Equipped with flame temperature measurement and detection thermocouple

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