Lisun WT5000 电子镇流器检验器 (45Hz – 1MHz, max 10MHz)

(1) Super-large color LCD screen for displaying parameters and curve, convenient for comparison, analysis and business communication;

(2) Frequency response for testing input current up to 1MHz, suitable for precise testing of various kind of electronic ballast;

(3) Symmetry analysis for envelope wave’s crest factor of lamp current;

(4) Sampling at ultra-high speed, dynamic analysis single frequency curve, highest sampling frequency is up to 10MHz.

(5) Portable with built-in chip micro-processor, particular suitable for development and spot production;

(6) Parameters, waves and curves can be printed;

(7) Communicating with PC via RS-232, special software provided and both Chinese version and English version are available. Run in Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Window XP with nice interface and easy to operate

(8) Expanding analysis for envelope wave.




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