Lisun ZRS-3H 灼热丝试验仪 (≤500-1000°C)

• Heating temperature: adjustable continuously within the range of ≤500-1000°C, the accuracy of temperature is 1°C, the resolution of temperature is ±3°C

• Glowing time: 0.1-999.9s,±0.1S(time range is adjustable)

• Burning time: 0.1-999.9s, auto record, manual pause

• Flame chilling time: 0.1-999.9s (auto record and manual pause)

• Glow wire pressure on test specimen: 1±0.2N. Limiting pressure depth is 7mm

• Glow wire: φ4 nickel (80%) and chromium (20%) Made in specific dimensions.

• Thermoelectric couple: φ0.5 armored nickel & chromium/nickel-chromium wire, K degree.

• Auto break away: While reaching specified glowing time, test specimen will break away from glow wire automatically.



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