Litepoint IQgig-5G 多波段毫米波非信令测试仪 (4 ports)

The IQgig-5G is a fully-integrated, non-signaling solution for testing 5G mmWave products. All signal generation, analysis, and

RF front-end routing hardware are self-contained inside a single chassis. The IQgig-5G has over 1.7 GHz of instantaneous

bandwidth, supporting all 3GPP carrier aggregation test cases. The IQgig-5G solution contains a Vector Signal Generator (VSG)

and Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) and can be configured with either two or four bi-directional source and measurement ports, each

with 2.4 mm connector coaxial interface. The VSG and VSA can be tuned independently to different frequencies over the entire

specified frequency range. Each RF port can be switched on-the-fly to the internal VSG or VSA.

The IQgig-5G is the simplest solution for testing 5G mmWave products as all the required hardware is self-contained inside a

single chassis, enabling the source and measure capabilities to be calibrated at the instrument front panel. This full hardware

integration significantly reduces the test set up complexity and improves efficiency yielding the following benefits:

• Simplest test fixture set up with direct connection to the calibrated front panel interface

• Fully-integrated and calibrated – make high performance mmWave measurements in minutes instead of hours

• Seamless transition from the lab to the manufacturing floor


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