Mahr 2014815 Dial Indicator (27O-RC, .125”, .001’’)

Product type: 27O-RC

Measuring span: .125”

Graduation value: .001’’

Type of dial face: 0-50

Rev. counter: yes

Range per rev.: .050”

Error limit: ± .001”

Standard: ANSI

ANSI/AGD Group: 2

Dial color: green



• Unit construction and removable movement save repair/cleaning time and maintenance 

• Hardened gears and stainless steel racks provide lasting protection against indicator failure due to shock or wear 

• Jeweled bearings resist friction, add to longer indicator life 

• Skeletonized, hobbed gears for more sensitive response, superior indicator accuracy with minimal hysteresis error 

• Soft tinted dials (green - inch / yellow - metric) minimize eye strain 

• Special steel alloy 

• Balanced dial hand affords no shift, precise reading 

• Controlled rack and pinion mesh eliminates slope for precise response and reading 

• Smooth adjusting bezels for easy setup 

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