Mahr 4157121 数显千分尺 (40 EWRi-L, 25-50mm/1-2", 0.001mm/.00005")

Product type: 40 EWRi-L

Measuring range: 25-50mm/1-2"

Resolution: 0.001mm/.00005"

Error limit: 2µm

Parallelism deviation: 2µm

Flatness deviation: 0.6µm

Spindle thread pitch: 5mm

Measuring force: 5-10N

Standard: factory standard

Package contains: instruction manual, battery, setting standard (measuring range of 25– 50 mm), case


  • Battery 3 V, CR 2032

  • Receiver for instruments with integrated wireless, type i-Stick

  • Stand, for holding outside micrometers, type 41 H

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