Mahr ICM 100 IP 全自动指示器测试仪 (100 mm)


•  Calibration of dial indicators, dial test indicator measuring devices and dial comparators

•  The Precimar MSW 100 software system controls the dial indicator test device, processes the camera image (pointer or numeric display of the test object) and the reference measuring values of the dial indicator test device, and also performs all the subsequent processes related to test equipment management.

•  The testing routine can be implemented based on DIN, VDI, DKD or DAkkS guidelines, various international standards, or based on the company’s internal specifications.

•  Deviations between test objects are illustrated in a graph during testing

Positioning speed [mm/s]: 4

Measuring range: 100 mm

Measuring uncertainty MPEE1(L in mm) [µm]: ≤ (0.2 + L/250)

Digital numerical increment [µm]: 0.02

Mass [kg]: 45



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