Mahr M 310 移动式粗糙度测量仪 (0.350mm, 2µm, 具有打印机)

Parameters: A1, A2, Ar, CF, CL, CR, Mr1, Mr2, R, R3z, RPc, RS, RSk, RSm, Ra, Rk, Rmax, Rmr (tp (JIS, ASME) is equivalent to Rmr), Rp, RpA (ASME), Rpk, Rpm, Rpm (ASME), Rq, Rt, Rvk, Rx, Rz, Rz (JIS), Rz (Ry (JIS) is equivalent to Rz), Vo

Measuring units: metric/inches

Stylus: 2 µm

Calibration function: Dynamic; Ra, Rz, Rsm

Storage capacity: Min. 3900 profiles, min. 500,000 results, min. 1500 PDF records, expandable to 32 

GB with Micro SD card

Data interface: USB A, USB B, MarConnect (bidirectional), Micro SD slot for SD / SDHC cards up to 32 GB

System of protection: IP 40

Rechargeable batteries: Lithium-ion battery, min. 1200 measurements

Wide range power supply: 100 to 264 V

H x W x D (mm): 160 mm x 77 mm x 50 mm

Weight (kg):5.7

Measuring range (mm): 0,350

Profile resolution: 8 nm

Filter according to ISO/JIS:Gaussian filter as per ISO 16610– 21 (formerly ISO 11562), special filter as per DIN EN ISO 13565– 1, Lambda s filter as per DIN EN ISO 3274 (can be switched off)

Cutoff Ic according to ISO/JIS: 0,25 mm, 0,8 mm, 2,5 mm, automatic filter detection, variable

Number n of sampling length according to ISO/JIS: Selectable: 1 to 16

Short stroke under ISO/JIS: Selectable

Traversing length Lt according ISO/JIS: 1.5 mm, 4.8 mm, 15 mm, N x Lc, variable, automatic

Package contains:

•  Roughness measuring instrument MarSurf M 310

•  Drive unit (removable)

•  1 standard probe PHT6– 350, standard-compliant

•  Built-in rechargeable battery

•  calibration master, integrated in the housing (removable) incl. Mahr 



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