Mahr CWM 100 3D Surface Measurement (Z:100mm,(WLI):>4mm(Standard mode),(CM):>12mm)

Measuring principle: By interferometer, by white light interferometer and confocal

                     Light source (CM and WLI): LED, 505 nm

Measuring range: Sensor unit can be moved 100 mm in Z, CNC controlled

                 Object table can be moved 100 mm in X and Y, CNC controlled

                 Interferometer, white light interferometer:

                 Measuring range (WLI): More as 4 mm (Standard mode), more as 20 mm in extended mode

                 Confocal microscope:

                 Measuring range (CM): more than 12 mm(depending on resolution in Z and lens

Supplied with:

• Sensor system consists of:

- Confocal microscope & WLI with 6x nosepiece

- Camera, 780 x 580 pixels, up to 48 images/s (standard version)

- 100 mm CNC controlled Z axis with integrated Heidenhain glass scale

• One operating software with WLI and confocal software modules

• Granite base frame and column with sensor system and CNC controlled object table

• CNC controled motorized Z axis and XY table for probe positioning and image field merging

• Lenses (optional)

- 4x to 150x (confocal microscope)

- 2.5x to 100x (white light Interferometer)

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