Mahr LINEAR 100 长度量测仪器 (outer 0-100mm,inner 15-100mm)


•  Quick and easy high-precision outer and inner 


•  Outer diameter measurements 

(bolts, turned parts, etc.)

•  Inner diameter measurements (bores, rings, etc.)

•  2-ball dimension checks on outer and inner gears

Digital display:MarCheck

Application range (mm): for outer measurements from 0 to 100

for inner measurements from 15 to 100

6 to 100 on request

Direct measuring range [mm]:50

Measuring range for outer measurement [mm]: 0 to 100

Measuring range for inner measurement [mm]: 15 to 100

Measuring uncertainty MPEE1(L in mm) [µm]: ≤ (0.7 + L/1000)

Measuring forces [N]:1 or 3

Device length [mm]: 260



• Outer measurement set (assorted measuring anvils)

• Inner measurement set (probe pair starting from

6 mm, floating plate, etc.)

• Centering tip mount set

• Support plate for cylindrical workpieces

• Foot switch, data cable, stand for display unit

• Outside and inside probes with M2.5 bore for gear

measuring balls

• MarCom software for transferring measured

values to Windows programs 

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