Mahr LINEAR 800 Setting and Measuring Instrument (0-815mm,40-855mm)


•  Setting comparative measuring instruments, e.g.

Multimar 844 T

•  Setting 2-point bore gages, e.g. Intramess 844 N

•  Setting dial comparator snap gages, e.g. 

MaraMeter 840 F

•  Checking and setting outer micrometers

•  Checking setting standards, rods etc.

•  Checking calipers

•  Checking and setting inside micrometers

•  Measuring cylindrical parts

•  Measuring inner dimensions and bores, etc.

Measuring range for outer measurement [mm]: 0 to 815 

Measuring range for inner measurement [mm]: 40 to 855 

Measuring uncertainty MPEE1(L in mm) [µm]: ≤ (0.7 + L/1000) 

Repeatability [µm]: ≤ 0.5

Measuring forces [N]: 3 

Device length [mm]: 1250 

Mass [kg]: approx. 155 



Testing devices for outside micrometers

Clamping devices for 2-point bore gages for universal measuring table

Support for large, 2-point bore gages and their accurate positioning and setup on the LINEAR

Adjustable height support for setting up large bore gages

Support plates for rings > 200 mm

Holding device for long measuring equipment

Attachment for dial comparator snap gages (height-adjustable)

Height measuring system for universal measuring table

Additional support table for long measuring objects

Measuring anvils with Ø 20 mm balls; with ball-ended gage blocks; with Ø 15 mm and Ø 7.5 mm spindles

Caliper, bore gages, plug-on heads, clamping elements

Testing setups for depth gages

Support for inside micrometers

Temperature compensation

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