Metone BT-620 台式激光粒子计数器(1.0 cfm,内置打印机)

Particle Size Range: 0.3μmm - 10μmm, 6 channels
Calibrated Sizes: 0.3 μmm, 0.5μmm, 1.0μmm, 2.0μmm 5.0μmm and 10μmm
User Size Settings :
  0.1μmm steps from 0.3μmm - 2.0μmm
  0.5μmm steps from 2.0μmm - 10μmm
Concentration Range :0 - 6,000,000 particles per cubic foot (over 20M particles/m3)
Accuracy: ± 10% to calibration aerosol
Sensitivity: 0.3 μmm
Flow Rate: 1.0 cfm (28.3 lpm)
Sample Time Adjustable: 1 to 999 seconds
Hold Time Adjustable: 0 to 999 seconds
Light Source: Laser Diode, 90mW, 780 nm
Power: 14.8V Li-Ion self-contained battery pack
Full recharge approximately 3 hours
AC Adapter/Charger: Li-Ion Charger
Communications: USB, RS-232 or RS-485
Standards: Meets ISO 21501-4
Display: 20 character x 4 line LCD
Keyboard:    8 key membrane type
Size: 25.7x20.3x24.1 cm
Weight: 6.3 kg
Supplied Operation Manual, USB Cable, Comet Software, Particle View Software, Battery Charger, Iso-kinetic Sample Probe, Zero Particulate Filter,
Printer Paper - 2 Rolls,



RH & Temperature Probe: PN G3120
Flow Meter: PN 81755
Serial Cable: PN 550065
ISO 21501-4 Calibration : PN 80849

The BT-620 is a compact battery operated particle counter with six selectable size channels, built-in printer, housed in a portable stainless steel case. Flow rate is 1.0 cfm (28.3 lpm) and is maintained with volumetric flow control for improved accuracy.

Simple Operation
The BT-620 has a large easy to read display, audio alarm, and internal printer that work together to verify particulate levels. If the particle count exceeds the user pre-set limit, the audible alarm will sound and the screen display, sample history and printout will indicate an alarm event. Two programmable count alarm limits may be set.

User Selectable Sizes
Each of the six channels may be individually set by the operator from 0.3 to 10 microns. Custom calibrations are not required.

Data Storage and Connectivity
The BT-620 stores over 8,000 sample events. Sample history events can be viewed or printed and downloaded to a computer using Particle View software or simple ASCII terminal commands. Connectivity is built-in for both digital (Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-485) and analog output (0-5 VDC). The BT-620 also includes a Memory Stick port.

The Printer has two modes of operation.
Print Sample: prints sample data at the end of each sample including alarm, date, time and location.
Recall Data: prints all sample data from first selected date and time to second selected date and time.

Portable Desk Top
The BT-620 provides 6 particle sizes, built-in printer and battery operations in a compact stainless steel case. The built-in battery provides over 8 hours of typical (intermittent) operation or 4 hours continuous operation. Connect the AC adapter/charger for longer operation and battery charging.

Temperature / Relative Humidity Option
A plug-and-play option can immediately add ambient temperature and relative humidity capabilities to displayed and logged data.


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