METABO HWW 6000/50 INOX Domestic waterworks (6000 l/h / 1585 gal/h)

Rated input power: 1300 W

Maximum delivery rate: 6000 l/h / 1585 gal/h

Maximum delivery height: 55 m / 180 ft

Maximum pressure: 5.5 bar / 79.8 psi

Maximum suction height: 8 m / 26 ft

Switch-on pressure approx.: 1.6 bar / 23.2 psi

Switch-off pressure approx.: 5.5 bar / 79.8 psi

Suction port: 1" female thread

Discharge port: 1" female thread

Tank capacity, approximately: 50 l / 13.2 gal

Pump housing: Stainless steel

Protection type IP: IP X4

Drive shaft: Stainless steel

Tank: Steel

Number of impellers: 5

Dimensions: 645 x 395 x 715 mm / 25 3/8 x 15 9/16 x 28 5/32 "

Weight: 22.1 kg / 48.7 lbs

Cable length: 1.5 m / 5 ft

Noise emission

Sound pressure level: 63 dB(A)

Sound power level (LwA): 75.9 dB(A)

Uncertainty of measurement K: 2.3 dB(A)


Check Valve

Fabric Sealing Tape



Accessories for water and pump technology




For automatic water supply, for garden irrigation and groundwater pumping as well as pumping, pumping empty, circulation of clear water

Pressure vessel for energy-saving and low-noise provision of water

Electronic pressure switch at the boiler for automatic activation in case of increased water demand

Metabo pump protection: automatic dry-run protection with LED display to protect the pump and high user safety

Multi-level pump running gear for high performance and low-noise operation

Maintenance-free capacitor motor

Overload protection: protects the motor from overheating

High-quality slip seal system for long service life

Durable stainless steel pump housing

Separate water filling opening for simple operation of the pump

Water drain plug (removable without tools) for protection in case of frost

For garden irrigation with 1 to 4 sprinklers

For single phase alternating current

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