METABO DKNG 40/50 Air staple gun / nailer

Nail type: SKN

Nail length: 15 - 50 mm // 5/8 - 2 "

Staple type: 90 + ES

Staple length: 15 - 40 mm // 5/8 - 1 1/2 "

Operating pressure: 5 - 7 bar // 72.5 - 101.5 psi

Air requirement per impact: 0.66 / 0.02 cfi

Weight: 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs


EURO Plug-in nipple 1/4"

Oil bottles

Safety Goggles

Plastic carry case

EURO and ARO/Orion plug-in nipple 1/4"

ARO/Orion Plug-in nipple 1/4"

ISO Plug-in nipple 1/4"



Compressed air preparation, Compressed air distribution, Accessories for compressed air tools


Occupational safety




For processing staples and nails

For interiors, e.g. for fixing wall and ceiling panels or for attaching strips  

For fixing tongue and groove boards, chipboards etc

Practical and lightweight for easy operation even in difficult to reach places

Switching between staples and clinch head nails without conversion

Safety mechanism prevents unintentional trigger action for the protection of the user

Tool-free opening of the front cover for simple and rapid elimination of faults

Ergonomic composite housing: insulated non-slip and low vibration for comfortable work

Rubberised handle for ergonomic and fatigue-free operation

User-friendly, rotating exhaust guide: no dust turbulence in the working area

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