Metrology GBC-P100 长度计量标准---块规检验之最佳和唯一选择

- GBC-NANOCAL Gauge Block Comparator is specially designed for the calibration or
dimensional inspection of gauge blocks with nominal lengths ranging from 0.1 to 300mm.
- GBC-NANOCAL The configuration, which consists of two high-precision inductive probes
aligned opposite one another with 0.01 μm display. The measuring system provides full
guarantee for an extra low uncertainty of measurement.
- Although METROLOGY GBC-NANOCAL Gauge Block Comparator is mainly intended for
manufacturers and end-users of gauge blocks, this comparator is also widely used in ISO/IEC
17025 national accredited calibration laboratories all over the world.


Measuring Range: 0.1~100mm
Resolution: 0.01um / 0.000001”
Repeatability: ≦0.025um
Uncertainty of Measurement (um): ≦ ±(0.05+0.5L/1000) Reference Temperature 20 ± 1°C

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