MITUTOYO CRYSTA-Apex EX 122010R 坐标测量机 (1200mm, 2000mm, 960mm)

Measuring range: 

X-axis 1200mm

Y-axis 2000mm

Z-axis 960mm

Drive speed 

- CNC MODE: Drive speed 8 - 300mm/s; Measuring Speed 1 - 5mm/s

- J/S MODE: 0 - 80mm/s  (J/S Mode: High Speed); 0 - 3mm/s (J/S Mode: Low Speed);  0 - 3mm/s (J/S Mode: Touch Speed)

Drive acceleration: 375mm/s²

Resolution: 0.0001mm

Guide method: Air bearings on each axis

Table loading

- Maximum height: 1160mm

- Maximum mass: 2500kg

Mass (including the control device and installation platform): 6150kg

Air supply: 

- Pressure CMM: 0.4MPa REVO: 0.5MPa

- Consumption: 150 L/min under normal conditions (air supply: 230 L/min), 0.6MPa or more



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