MITUTOYO Crysta-Plus M7106 坐标测量机 (700mm, 1000mm, 600mm)

Measuring range:

X axis 700mm

Y axis 1000mm

Z axis 600mm

Resolution: 0.0005mm

Accuracy (20°C) ISO 10360-2

- Measuring error (E): (4.5+4.5L/1000)µm

- Probing error (R): 5.0µm

Temperature compensation function: Standard

Length standard: Linear encoder

Guide method: Air bearing on each axis

Clamping on each axis: One-touch air clamp (mobile clamp switch BOX)

Fine feed of each axis: Continuous fine feed over the entire measuring range on each axis

Measuring table:

- Effective size: 900mm×1740mm

- Material: Granite


- Maximum height: 800mm

- Maximum mass: 800kg

Z-axis balancing method: Counterweight (adjustable by 1.7kg)

Machine dimensions (WxDxH): 2017mm x 1717mm x 2840mm

Mass of main unit (including machine stand): 1560kg

Air supply

- Pressure: 0.4MPa (air source: 0.5-0.9MPa)

- Consumption (Under normal conditions): 50L/min (air source: 100L/min)



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