MITUTOYO MACH-V9106 Coordinate Measuring Machine (X 900mm, Y 1000mm, Z 600mm)

Measuring range: 

X-axis 900mm

Y-axis 1000mm

Z-axis 600mm

Resolution: 0.0001mm (0.1μm)

Guide system: Linear guide on each axis

Operating speeds:

- CNC Mode Drive speed: each axis 8 to 500mm/s; all axes 866mm/s

Measuring speed: 1 to 20mm/s

- Joystick mode: 0 to 80mm/s (High Speed); 0 to 3mm/s (Low Speed); 0.05mm/s (Fine Speed)

Maximum drive acceleration: Each axis 5,000mm/s2; all axes 8,660mm/s2

Scale type: Linear encoder


- Maximum height: 800mm

- Maximum mass: 150kg

Mass of machine (including the mounting stand and controller): 4130kg

Operating environment: 5 to 35°C

Probe used: SP25M (Stylus: ø4x50mm); TP7M (Stylus: ø4×20mm)



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