MITUTOYO TP7M High-Accuracy Touch Trigger Probe

Measuring direction: ±X, ±Y, +Z

Standard stylus: ø4X18mm

Directionality (XY: 2D): ±0.25 m or less

Required force to generate trigger signal: 

XY 0.02N (When the 50mm stylus is used.)

Z 0.15N (When the 50mm stylus is used.) 

Amount of over-travel: 

XY ±16º

Z ±5mm 

Required force to achieve over-travel: 

XY 0.49N (When the 50mm stylus is used.)

Z 2.94N (When the 50mm stylus is used.) 

Maximum stylus length: 150mm 

Stylus mounting method: M4 screw 

Mass of a single unit: 85g 

Durability: 10,000,000 times 

Probe head: Essential: PH10M/PH10MQ 

Applicable models: CNC coordinate measuring machines 


Touch trigger probe TP7M

Joint key S10

M4-stylus tool

M2-stylus tool

Stylus ø8X100 (M4)

Stylus ø8X50 (M4)

Stylus ø4X18 (M4)

Stylus ø2X19 (M4)

Stylus ø1X19.5 (M4)

Stylus ø30 ceramic (M3)

Stylus ø5X21 (M3)

Stylus ø0.5X20 (M3)

Stylus ø6X10 (M2)

Stylus ø3X10 (M2)

Extension L100

Extension L75

Extension L50

Extension L20

Extension L50

Extension L30

Extension L30

Extension L20

Extension L10

Adapter L9

Adapter L5

MS4-stylus center

MS3-stylus center

MS2-stylus center

Wooden box

Probe extension PEM1

Probe extension PEM2

Probe extension PEM3

Wooden box

User's Manual



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