MITUTOYO KGM888-B Coordinate Measuring Machine (80×80×80mm)

Measuring range (X, Y, Z): 80×80×80mm


Max. permissible length measurement error E0,MPE (ISO 10360-2:2009)

19-21ºC: (2.4+5.7L/1000)μm

15-25ºC: (2.7+6.4L/1000)μm

10-30ºC: (3.1+7.2L/1000)μm

10-35ºC: (3.4+7.9L/1000)μm

Repeatability range: 1.9μm

R0,MPL (ISO 10360-2:2009): 1.3μm

Max. permissible single stylus form error PFTU,MPE (ISO 10360-5:2010) 2.2μm

Maximum permissible error (scanning mode) MPETHP (ISO 10360-4:2000) 2.7μm(30s) 

Drive speed: Max. 200 (1 axis) / Max. 340 (Composition of 3 axes)

Drive acceleration: Max. 3900 (1 axis) / Max. 6750 (Composition of 3 axes)



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