MMF VC20 振动校准器(159,2 Hz,10 m /s²,10mm / s)

  • 制造商: MMF
    Model: VC20
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• Rapid and easy calibration of vibration transducers for
acceleration, velocity and displacement
• Calibration and fault detection of vibration measuring systems
• Calibration of low frequency equipment for whole-body vibration
to ISO 8041 and building vibration to DIN 4150-3 with model
• Load independent vibration level for test objects up to
600 grams
• Vibration magnitude of 10 m/s² (VC20) or selectable in up to 5
steps from 1 to 20 m/s²
• Quartz controlled vibration frequency of 159.15 Hz (VC20) or selectable
in seven steps from 15.92 Hz to 1280 Hz (VC21/VC21D)
• Display shows frequency, magnitude, error in percent and calibration
• VC21D with detachable fastening device for the dynamic calibration
of non-contact displacement sensors / proximity probes
• VC21D with clock output for the synchronization of narrow-band
measuring systems
• Traceable to national PTB standard, factory calibration certificate
• Rugged design
• Mains buffered battery operation for laboratory and field use
• Mains plug adapter with wide range input included





- 3-hole adapter 040

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