NOVOTEST UD3701 超声波探伤仪

The range of measured depth (steel), mm: 6000
The range of gain control: 100 dB in 0.1 dB
Temporary adjustment of gain (TCG): range up to 70 dB, with the construction of the curve with 32 control points entered manually or from the control reflectors
The control zone: two independent zones, start and change the width of the entire range of sweep
Interrogator: customizable, with an amplitude of 350 V, with a variable length from 12.5 to 500 ns, 12.5 ns increments
Memory: configuration with A-scan (B-scans), limited the size of SD-card
control protocols (signal envelope, the measurement, the parameters of the device, date, time and name of the protocol), limited the size of SD-card
Interface: Bluetooth, SD-card
Detailed specifications of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector NOVOTEST UD3701 
Scan: min .: 0 – 6 μs; max .: 0 – 1000 μs; step – 25 ns
Exposition: from 0 μs to 1000 μs; step – 25 ns
MAX length of tested material: up to 6000 mm (echo mode)
Velocity range: 1000 – 9999 m/s
Exposition in the prism: 0 – 100 μs; step – 25 ns
Damping: 50 Ohm
Input impedance: 50 Ohm / 600 Ohm
Probes pulse: 
RF pulse with amplitude of 100, 200 or 300V,
With variable length from 25 to 500 ns,step – 25 ns
Repetition frequency of SP: automatically controlled from 10 to 100Hz
Amplifier: Wideband 0.4-20 MHz (-6 dB)
Gain control range: 115 dB, step – 1 dB
Time control gain (TCG): 
range up to 70 dB, 12 dB / μs
with the construction of the curve through 16 reference points,
entered by hand or by the control reflectors
Amplitude-Distance curve: drawing through 16 points, height adjustable
positive or negative half-wave,
complete, the radio signal (at all range of scan), B-scan
Cutoff: compensated, 0 – 90% of screen height
Zone control
two independents areas, the beginning and width are change at all scan range; levels of limits are set from 0 to 100% of display height; individual logic of detection defects.
Automatic Alarm of defects: 
light logic of detection defect in zone for each zone individually and sound individual logic detection defect at the zone
Time intervals measurement: 
from 0 to a first signal in the zone or between
signals in the zones to the front or to the maximum signal
Measurement of amplitude: 
in dB relative to threshold level in the zone;
in dB relative to the reference signal;
in dB relative to the amplitude-distance curve.
Display: Colored, TFT 320 x 240 pixels 135 x 100 mm.
Memory: Limited of SD cards capacity
Interface: USB, Bluetooth (optional)
Connectors of probes: 2 Lemo
Battery: Li-on 4-7 a / h
Battery life
up to 10 hours with the battery 4000 a / h
up to 24 hours with the battery 6600 a / h (optional)
External power supply: power supply 220V, 50Hz AC
Supply voltage: 15V 2A
Operating temperature range: from -30º C to + 55 ° C
Dimensions (H x W x L)
140 mm x 210 mm x 55 mm with standard battery (4000 a / h)
140 mm x 210 mm x 85 mm with the battery 6600 a / h (optional)
1.7 kg with standard battery (4000 a / h)
2.7 kg with battery 6600 a / h (option) 
Standard package
Ultrasonic flaw detector
UT-probes – 2 pcs
Cable Lemo-Lemo
Power supply and charger
Memory card
Operating manual
Additional UT-probes
Additional cables Lemo-Lemo
Bag for comfortable operating
Calibration blocks

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