• 制造商: NOVOTEST
    Model: UT-1M-IP
    保障: 12 month
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    热线:   (+84) 966520220

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Wide range of testing. Thickness measurement range (0,8 –1000mm)

Customer gain control

Possibility to make V-correction of the transducer

Compensation of probe delay

Unique protection from dust and moisture, previously not available

in the market of ultrasonic thickness gauges of general purpose. By

default the device comes with a degree of dust-moisture protection

IP65. Available version up to IP67 (submerged in water)

Material selection and automatic setting of ultrasound velocity

Wide choice of UT probes with preset settings in the device


Range of measured thicknesses (depending

on the probe’s type), mm: 0,8 ... 1000

Setting range of ultrasound velocity, m/s:700-17000

Resolution, mm: 0,01

Response time, with no more than, s: 1

Basic measurement accuracy, mm: ±(0,01Т+0,05)

Overall dimensions, mm: 148х90х26

Operating temperature range, ° C: From -20 to + 40

Power supply: 3pcs АА batteries

Time of continuous work hours, not less, h: 120 (up to 200 hours with

minimum settings)

Weight of electronic unit with battery, no

more, kg: 0,35

Interface language and menu: Russian, English, Spanish

Degree of dust and moisture protection: IP65 (can be increased to IP66 and IP67)

Standard set:

Electronic unit Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Transducer (probe) – 1 pc (depends on the desired range of controlled thickness)

2 AA batteries



Calibration certificate

Operating manual


Available options:

Couplant; UT-probes; Calibration blocks

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