OMICRON Bode 100 环路分析仪

Bode 100 is a state of the art Vector Network Analyzer which also works as:

Frequency Response Analyzer

Gain/Phase Meter

Impedance Analyzer

Sine Wave Generator

Wide frequency range from 1 Hz to 50 MHz

Adjustable output level from -30dBm to 13dBm

Adjustable shaped level (variable signal level) over frequency

Switchable channel input impedance (50 Ω / 1 MΩ)

Highly sensitive inputs (superheterodyne receiver with 24 bit ADCs)

Narrow-band receivers for highest noise rejection

Flexible hardware design offering several measurement modes

Fanless and therefore absolutely silent on your bench

Delivery includes:

- Bode 100 instrument

- Bode Analyzer Suite - Software for

Windows PC - on DVD

(PC is not included, please check minimum

PC requirements)

- Printed Quick-Start Guide

- Wide-range AC power adapter

- USB cable

- BNC straight adapter (f-f)

- BNC T connection (f-f-f)

- BNC 50Ohm termination (m)

- BNC short (m)

- 4 × 0.5m BNC cable, 50Ohm (m-m)

- Test objects on PCB (Quartz-filter and IF-


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