Features : Universal SMT component installation and removal,Self-Contained solder cream dispensing,Multilayer repair capability,Continuous automatic calibration,Automatic tip offset compensation system,Pik-Vac Component Handling Wand
Model            : PRC 2000E (230V)
Part number      : 8007-05133
Specification : 
Unit PRC 2000 PRC 2000E
Power Requirements:  230VAC, 50/60Hz, 400 Watts maximum 365 Watts maximum
Handpiece SpecsSensaTemp (Black Connector) and Pulse Heat Handpieces
Tip to ground resistance:   2 ohms or less
Temperature stability:   +/- ° 1.1°C (° 2°F) at idle from set tip temp.
Dải nhiệt độ trên Tip:  38° to 482°C (100° to 900°F) nominal
Vaccuum and Air Vacuum Rise Time:  200ms average as measured by PACE Process Monitor
Vaccuum:  51 cm Hg. (20 in. Hg.) nominal
Pressure .: 48 Bar (7 p.s.i.) nominal at maximum setting suc ep
Airflow: 13 SLPM (0.46 SCFM) maximum
Dimensions: 175mm (6.9") H x 350mm (13.75") W x 230mm (9.25") D
Weight:  13 Kgs (28.6 lbs.)
Control: LED Display
Products included:
  • PS-90 Soldering Iron Kit with Tip & Tool Stand (SensaTemp, Black Connector)
  • SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor with Tip & Tool Stand (SensaTemp, Black Connector)
  • TT-65 ThermoTweez w/Tip & Tool Stand (SensaTemp)
  • TP-65 Thermo-Pik Kit with Tip & Tool Stand (SensaTemp, Black Connector)
  • TJ-70 ThermoJet with Tip & Tool Stand (SensaTemp, Black Connector)
  • PV-65 Pik-Vac Vacuum Wand
  • LF-15 ThermoPart & LapFlo Handpiece
  • TW-15 Resistweez Handpiece
Tip Maintenance Station
Tip & Tool Stand Tip Redi-Rak (for tip storage)
Tip and temperature selection chart
Tip Redi-Rak
Auto Snap Vac Kit
Universal Power Cord
Tip and Vacuum Cup Tool
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