PACE ARM-EVAC 105(美国制造)

    Model: PACE ARM-EVAC 105
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    Price (include tax) 17,810,650 VND
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Power Requirements: 230 VAC, 50Hz
Sound Level: 55 dBA
Number of Inlets: Two 75 mm (3")
Flow Rate
-General Purpose Filter    
 +Single Inlet: 220 m3/h (130 cfm)
 +Dual Inlet: 118 m3/h (70 cfm) per inlet
-Cleanroom Filter
  +Single Inlet: 187 m3/h (110 cfm)
  +Dual Inlet: 105 m3/h (62 cfm) per inlet
-Collection Accessories: Two 65mm (2.5") or 75mm (3"
-Maximum Duct Run: 2.5m (8") per inlet
-Standard Primary Filter: General Purpose Filter
-Filtration Options: General Purpose Filter,Cleanroom Filter
Adhesive Filter,Extended Life, Filter Economy Filter

Chi tiết


Option (Page 12 of datasheet)

ARM-EVAC 105 Fume Extractor

Compact Fume Extraction System with a Powerful Brushless Motor

*Accessories sold seperately*

The best protection from harmful fumes in its price range. The Arm-Evac 105 is portable, compact and can be easily placed on or under a workbench. The unit features a heavy-duty, maintenance-free brushless motor along with a filtration process which includes a pre-filter for course particle removal, and a High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA)/Gas Filter Cartridge. An inlet cap is provided to seal the unused inlet if only one flex-arm is used.

Primary Features:

  • Portable, light and compact
  • Maintenance-free brushless motor
  • Low noise level (55 dBA)
  • Multiple configuration options to suit your work space



*All accessories are sold separately*

1 Flex Arm 2 Flex Arm  (1) 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1)  (2) 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1)

1 Flex Arm with Kit 2 Flex Arms with Kit (1) 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1) (2) 3" Diam. ESD Safe Flex Arm (8886-0750-P1) (1) Extension Kit (8886-0745-P1) (2) Extension Kit (8886-0745-P1) (1) Flow Controller (8886-0795-P1) (1) Flow Controller (8886-0795-P1)

1 Metal Plenum 2 Metal Plenum  (1) Metal Plenum (8886-0366-P1) (2) Metal Plenum (8886-0366-P1)
  2 24" Flex Arms with Kit 2 36" Flex Arms with Kit  (2) 24" Flex Arm (8882-0415-P1) (2) 36" Flex Arm (8882-0435-P1) (2) 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1) (2) 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1)

4 24" Flex Arms with Expansion Kit 4 36" Flex Arms with Expansion Kit  (4) 24" Flex Arm (8882-0415-P1)  (4) 36" Flex Arm (8882-0435-P1) (4) 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1) (4) 50mm Extension Kit (8886-0553-P1) (2) Expansion Kit (8882-0692-P1) (2) Expansion Kit (8882-0692-P1)

A Worldwide Commitment

With offices worldwide, PACE, Inc. is a recognized world leader in the development of solutions for the assembly and repair of highly advanced electronics. Our expertise extends back to the dawn of the modern electronics industry. In 1958, PACE introduced training programs for the repair of the printed wire assemblies, and soon after, revolutionized the industry by creating the first self-contained vacuum desoldering system.

Today, PACE continues to provide innovative solutions, products and training for the rework and repair of printed circuit assemblies. Our unique capabilities and evolving vision have provided universal solutions to thru-hole and surface mount assembly and rework problems for the most advanced electronics.

Additionally, PACE manufactures Fume Extraction systems to reduce exposure to harmful particulates and gases created from hand soldering operations. PACE Fume Extraction systems effectively remove these contaminants from the worker's breathing zone thereby reducing or eliminating health risks.

Our strong commitment and history of achievement has resulted in an unparalleled range of Assembly, Repair and Fume Extraction solutions to meet your needs whether working to IS0-9000, industrial, military or your own internal specifications. Whatever the challenge, PACE stands ready to set a new standard for you.



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