TF 1800 BGA和SMD返修系统

Power Requirements: 230 VAC, 50 Hz (1600 Watts maximum).Requires dedicated 10 A supply
Dimensions: 737mm (29") H x 686mm (27") W x 737mm (29") D
Weight (Without Computer): 45kg (100lbs)
Top-side Heater: Inductive-Convection Heater, 300 Watts
Bottom-side Preheater with Adjustable Working Height: Medium/Long wave IR, 1000 Watts; 220mm (8.6") x 155mm (6.1");
Adjustable working height from lowest position up to 38mm (1.5") closer to the PCB
Active Cooling Capability: Standard, offers swift, yet controlled component/PCB cooling, directly through the nozzle
High Sensitivity Vacuum Pick: Pick is counterweight balanced, and utilizes an optical sensor and precision high temperature linear ball bearings,
ensuring delicate placement and pick up of parts from PCB. Includes seven (7) Vacuum Picks
Precision Placement Capability: Advanced professional placement system utilizing a stepper motor and position encoding provides smooth,
precise movement, with no drift, allowing for repeatable and accurate placement.
Placement Accuracy: Stepper motor with precision positioning of to 28μm (.0011") accuracy
Integrated Board Support Wand: Standard, prevents PCBs from sagging or warping during rework and is extremely
adjustable to clear parts on bottom of PCB.
Temperature Setting Range: Top Heater: 100˚ to 400˚ C (212˚ - 750˚ F); Bottom Heater: 100˚ to 221˚ C (212˚ - 430˚ F)
Precision PCB Holder Advanced table features micrometer X & Y adjustment, extruded board holder arms, spring loaded, with T-slots
and movable clamps for both large and irregularly shaped boards with non-uniform edges
Maximum/Minimum PCB Size Maximum: 305mm x 305mm (12" x 12"); Minimum: N/A arms close down completely.
Maximum/Minimum Component Size Maximum: 65mm (2.5") x 65mm (2.5"); Minimum: 1mm Sq.
Thermocouple Inputs Four (4) thermocouple inputs insure accurate profile development

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