Palintest PTH7091 手持式浊度光度计 (0–5 mg/升 Clo, 0.01–1050 NTU)

Chlorometer Specification

- Measuring System: Dual LED source, direct reading colorimeter

- Range: 0 – 5 mg/L Chlorine

- Accuracy: ±1.0% T

- Display: High clarity LCD with backlight

- User Interface: Blank, read, function and power keys

- Data Storage: Last 10 results

- Size (W x L x H) & Weight: 65 x 150 x 40 mm, 200 g

- Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries

Turbimeter Plus Technical Specification

- Optical Syste;m QuadoptiX™ optical system with two independent 860nm LED sources, ISO 7027 Compliant

- Instrument Range: 0.01 – 1050 NTU

- Display: High clarity LCD with backlight

- User Interface: Soft key access with English, French and Spanish

- Result Units: NTU, FNU, FTU, mg/L (TSS mode)

- Modes: Turbidity (normal, average, continuous capture), Total Suspended Solids

- Data Storage: 1000 results including date, time, sample ID, operator ID and mode. Last 12 good calibrations including Operator ID

- Size (W x L x H) & Weight: 82 x 225 x 50mm, 340 g

- Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries or via USB





- Ideal for service professionals

The combined kit is a popular choice with water utility service professionals, combining two of the most critical tests: Turbidity and Chlorine.

- Personalise for your testing needs

The Turbimeter Plus can be combined with any of our compact photometers for testing of chlorine, ammonia, chlorine dioxide or ozone. Contact our team for more information.

- Designed for field use

Palintest photometers are waterproof certified to IP67. Supplied within a protective hard case kit, the equipment is easily transported between sites

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