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With the aim of serving customers with the best after-sales services, EMIN Vietnam has established the Equipment Inspection - Calibration - Repair Service Center. With the support from numerous equipment manufacturers in the world, EMIN Vietnam possesses well-prepared calibrating instruments. EMIN Vietnam has successfully repaired and calibrated specialized equipment in Vietnam, ensuring the quickness, effectiveness and convenience for customers. Only few technical trading company in Vietnam do possess this technical capacity including EMIN Vietnam.

>> Particle Counter
- Dust concentration meter, also known as Particle Counter, is a convenient device to monitor the air quality in clean rooms, workplaces and factories, processing ... The machine can measure the stimulus and the concentration of dust particles in the air, especially fine dust particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Dust concentration measured in the air, smoke is the actual concentration at the time of measurement. The result display helps users instantly assess the air condition and dust trends in the measuring area.

>> Other information
>> The use of dust concentration meter
- Cleanroom dust meter is capable of checking and recording the content and density of dust particles with different sizes such as PM10, PM2,5, PM1 ...
- The machine has a compact design, easy operation, simple cleaning, quick results return to save time for users.
- Some high-quality dust meters are capable of automatically measuring and recording dust concentrations in the air to help control the air quality in places with high pollution such as waste dumps ...
- The dust concentration meter can measure and control urgent and temporary pollution problems, which happen quickly in hazardous areas of the dust level in the air so that staff can take timely measures. .
- The clean room dust meter helps to detect early problems with the concentration of dust particles of different sizes in the air to find errors in the air filtration system, carry out repairs and fix them.
- Early detection of foreign dust particles in the air ensures a safe and effective working environment for employees and ensures product quality.

>> Dust concentration Meter classification
Cleanroom dust meters are classified by the function and working characteristics of each machine. Based on that, employees can choose the right machine for the purpose of use to achieve high efficiency, improve the life of the machine and clean room.
 * Compact dust concentration meter: A handheld dust concentration meter is capable of measuring particles ranging in size from 0.3 to 0.5µm, encoding 10000 measurements, using the light source of a laser lamp. The machine is compact design, convenient to use in many environments, so it is the most used model. Measured results are returned immediately on the display screen, along with the control buttons on the body to facilitate the employee's best experience during use.
 * HD dust concentration meter: This clean room dust meter can measure particle sizes from 0.01 to 50nm, with a combination of an alarm system. This device has a large volume and consumes more energy than a handheld dust meter. However, the machine's design remains neat, easy to use and can be moved between measurement areas. The machine is often used in the working environment with fine dust particles such as electronics, chemical additive production ...
 * Dust particle concentration meter: Unlike the two above models, the dust particle concentration meter uses the pressure balance measuring method. The machine is capable of measuring particle sizes from 0.1 - 10µm, encoding 500 measurements. But the downside of this series is that the design is quite heavy and cumbersome, so it is usually only used in a fixed environment, less moving.

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