PCE PCE-CP 20 Multi-parameter

Measuring range Alkalinity: 0~200 mg/l

Measuring range Chlorine: 0.00~8.00 mg/l

Measuring range Cyanuric acid: 0~160 mg/l

Measuring range pH: 6.50~8.40 pH

Measuring range Total hardness: 0~500 mg/l

Measuring range Calcium hardness: 0~500 mg/l

Unit: mg/l, ppm; mg/l CaCO3, ppm, mmol/l KS 4.3,

Hardness units:

° dH (degree of German hardness),

° e (degree of English hardness/degree Clark),

° f (degree of French hardness)

Calibration: Zero point calibration

Light source: 503 nm/570 nm/620 nm LED

Light detector: Photodiode

Power supply: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries 

Dimensions of the cuvette: 36 x ø 21 mm/3.6 x ø 2.1 cm (10ml)

Menu languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian

Storage: Automatic storage of measured values and readout

Storage space: 256 values

interface: Bluetooth connection with app and PC software 

Automatic shutdown: After 300 seconds of inactivity

Operating conditions: 5~45°C/41~113°F, 20~90% RH non-condensing

Storage conditions: 5~45°C/41~113°F, 20~90% RH non-condensing

Dimensions: 165 x 95 x 50 mm/6.5 x 3.7 x 2 in

Weight: 230 g/< 1 lb



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