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PCE UFD 50 Material Tester (12.6V/2A)

Material thickness:  

  Measuring range: 0~10000 mm

  Resolution: 1 mm  

Pulse shift:  

  Measuring range: -20~+999.9 µs

  Resolution: 0.1 µs  

Pulse shift:  

  Measuring range: 1000~3400 µs

  Resolution: 1 µs  

General technical data:  

  Measurement functions: Pulse echo, transmit-receive

  Units: mm

  Frequency: 0.5~20 MHz

  Display: TFT colour display, 5.7 inches

  Storage medium: Internal memory

  Storage capacity: 100 parameters

  Interface: Mini-USB, USB-A

  Sensor: Ultrasonic

  Gain range: 130 dB

  Speed of sound adjustable: 1000~15000 m/s

 Menu language: English (US), Chinese

  Power supply: 12.6 V / 2 A

  Weight: 1130 g

  Operating conditions: -10~50 °C, 20~90 % r.H.

  Storage conditions: -10~50 °C, 20~90 % r.F

  Capacity: 3600 mAh

  Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 240 x 160 x 50 mm

Delivery scope:

  1 x material tester PCE-UFD 50

  1 x vertical probe

  1 x angle probe

  2 x probe cable approx. 1 m

  1 x power supply unit 12.6 V / 2 A

  1 x power cable

  1 x transport case

  1 x operating instructions


The material tester is used for non-destructive material testing. When testing with the material tester, ultrasonic waves are sent through the test object using a probe. The ultrasound is reflected and scattered at interfaces of different materials with unequal density and wave impedance. After determining the transit time of the ultrasound through the test object, weld seams can be tested, wall thicknesses measured and component defects localised with the ultrasonic testing device.

With adjustable frequencies between 0.5 ... 20 MHz and sound velocities between 1000 ... 15000 m/s, measurements can be carried out in steel in the range between 0 ... 10000 mm. DAC and AVG evaluation methods, display and probe delay, attenuation and amplification functions, export and report generation functions as well as numerous other setting options make non-destructive material testing with the material tester considerably easier. The tester has a video recording of the screen. The software can then be used to call up the data and create a report. The setting parameters can be changed using the rotary knob. The 5.7-inch colour display provides a clear presentation of the test results.

The ultrasonic tester is a powerful measuring device that has been designed for appropriate tests. Robust and ergonomic design enables use under industrial conditions. Weighing just 1.1 kg, the material tester can not only be used as a desktop device but is also suitable for mobile use.

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