Perma CLASSIC 1点自动润滑设备

Manufacturer: PERMA
Made in Germany
Drive: Electrochemical reaction
Discharge period: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months
Lubricant volume:120 cm³
Operating temperature:    0 °C to +40 ° C
Pressure build-up: Max. 4 bar
Standard- & Special lubricants: Grease up to NLGI 2 / Oil



Datasheet Lubricants

Software caculation


100020: perma CLASSIC SF01 multi-purpose grease
100034: perma CLASSIC SF02 extreme pressure grease
100045: perma CLASSIC SF03 high temperature grease
100052: perma CLASSIC SF04 high performance grease
100063: perma CLASSIC SF05 high temp./extreme pressure grease
100074: perma CLASSIC SF06 liquid grease
100083: perma CLASSIC SF08 low temperature grease
100089: perma CLASSIC SF09 bio grease
100096: perma CLASSIC food grade grease NSF H1
109950: perma CLASSIC GF31 NT HD FG GR.2
109949: perma CLA SSIC G1394 Molylube EP GR. AC
100427: perma CLA SSIC SO14 high performance oil
100449: perma CLASSIC SO32 multipurpose oil
100473: perma CLASSIC SO64 bio oil (low viscosity)
100483: perma CLASSIC SO69 bio oil (high viscosity)
100489: perma CLASSIC SO70 food grade oil
110152: perma CLASSIC G270 BEL-RA Y waterproof oil
108525: perma CLA SSIC G1287 NT FG waterproof chain lubricant
100002: perma CLASSIC empty incl. refill

Perma activating screw yellow 1 month Article nr.: 101331
perma activating screw green 3 months Article nr.: 101332
perma activating screw red 6 months Article nr.: 101333
perma activating screw grey 12 months Article nr.: 101335


Electrochemical Lubrication Systems

Perma CLASSIC is used for single-pointlubrication of roller- and sliding bearings, chains, open gears, guideways, and other system components. 
Applications can be found in mining, steel- and the automotive industry, as well as in mechanical engineering. 
Your advantages:
  • Improved safety and lower costs than manual lubrication 
  • Controlled and consistent lubrication, small amounts in short intervals 
  • Constant supply of fresh lubricant to bearing seals under high contamination conditions 
  • No external power supply necessary 4 different discharge periods possible (120cc in 1, 3, 6, or 12 months) 
  • Reliable supply of lubricant 
  • Lubricant quality in the lubrication point is kept at a high level 
  • Transparent discharge indicator cap shows when the unit is empty 
  • Can be mounted up to 1 m away from the lubrication point with a flexible tube 
  • Simple exchange by hand, no tools necessary 
  • Can be used in Ex-proof areas

- Simple activation with activator screw 
- Activation:  1, 3, 6 or 12 months
  1. Quick installation / tamper proof
  2. Simple exchange / no special tools required
  3. Inexpensive automatic single-point lubrication

- Metal housing  

Robust housing for use in harsh environments

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