Perma FLEX 1点自动润滑设备

Drive: Gas generating unit
Discharge period: 1, 2, 3, ... 12 months
Lubricant volume: 60 cm³ or 125 cm³ (option)
Operating temperature range:-20 °C to +60 ° C
Pressure build-up: max. 5 bar
Protection class: IP 68
Lubricants     Grease up to NLGI 2 / Oil (option)



Datasheet Lubricants

Software caculation


107224: perma FLEX SF01 60cm3 multipurpose grease
107226: perma FLEX SF02 60cm3 extreme pressure grease
107227: perma FLEX SF03 60cm3 high temperature grease
107228: perma FLEX SF04 60cm3 high performance grease
107229: perma FLEX SF05 60cm3 high temperature/ extreme pressure grease
107230: perma FLEX SF06 60cm3 liquid grease
107232: perma FLEX SF08 60cm3 low temperature grease
107233: perma FLEX SF09 60cm3 bio grease
107234: perma FLEX SF10 60cm3 food grade grease NSF H1
09206311001: perma FLEX GF31 60cm3 No-Tox HD FG GR.2
09206491001: perma FLEX G1394 60cm3 high temperature/ extreme pressure grease
107246: perma FLEX SO14 60cm3 high performance oil
107247: perma FLEX SO32 60cm3 multipurpose oil
107248: perma FLEX SO64 60cm3 low viscosity
107249: perma FLEX SO69 60cm3 bio oil high viscosity
107251: perma FLEX SO70 60cm3 food grade grease NSF H1
09208701001: perma FLEX G270 60cm3 waterproof chain lubricant
09224871001: perma FLEX G1287 60CM3 NT FG waterproof chain lubricant
107222: perma FLEX SF00 60cm3 incl. refill
107155: perma FLEX SF01 125cm3 multipurpose grease
107161: perma FLEX SF02 125cm3 extreme pressure grease
107163: perma FLEX SF03 125cm3 high temperature grease
107164: perma FLEX SF04 125cm3 high performance grease
107167: perma FLEX SF05 125cm3 high temperature/ extreme pressure grease
107168: perma FLEX SF06 125cm3 liquid grease
107170: perma FLEX SF08 125cm3 low temperature grease
107172: perma FLEX SF09 125cm3 bio grease
107173: perma FLEX SF10 125cm3 food grade grease NSF H1
109619: perma FLEX GF31 125cm3 No-Tox HD FG GR.2
108702: perma FLEX G1394 125cm3 high temperature/ extreme pressure grease
107199: perma FLEX SO14 125cm3 high performance oil
107200: perma FLEX SO32 125cm3 multipurpose grease
107202: perma FLEX SO64 125cm3 bio oil low viscosity
107204: perma FLEX SO69 125cm3 bio oil high viscosity
107205: perma FLEX SO70 125cm3 food grade oil NSF H1
109818: perma FLEX G270 125cm3 waterproof chain lubricant
09124871000: perma FLEX G1287 No-Tox FG waterproof chain lubricant
107144: perma FLEX SF00 125cm3 incl. refill
101464: clip for FLEX/ NOVA (plastic)

perma FLEX 24-hours lubrication system

The original system for 24 hours for continuos operation        

Flexible use – even for challenging lubrication points 
The automatic lubrication system perma FLEX is available in two convenient sizes (60 cm³ / 125 cm³). It can be used for inside or outside applications at temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +60 °C. Discharge period setting is flexible and can be adjusted from 1 – 12 months using the dial on top of the lubricator. perma FLEX comes fully assembled and ready-to-use. Simply turn the dial to the desired discharge period and the system is activated. The electronically controlled chemical reaction will build up the pressure that is necessary to continually supply the lubrication point with fresh lubricant.
Adjustable discharge period 1 – 12 months
Can be adjusted and switched off even after activation. 
Your benefit: Less maintenance costs due to longer equipment service life and increased equipment availability. 

User friendly all-in-one system
perma FLEX comes fully assembled and can be activated quickly and easily without tools. 
Your benefit: No difficult, time consuming assembly, no special tools required. Just unpack, turn switch and the system is ready. 

Temperature flexibility from -20 °C up to 60 °C 
For use in hot and cold areas and applications with changing temperatures.
Your benefit: You need only one system for a variety of applications 

Well protected
perma FLEX is IP 68 certified and offers excellent protection against dirt and water.
Your benefit: perma FLEX can be used in extremely moist or dusty areas.

perma FLEX product characteristics


- All-in-one system with dial for  
  discharge period setting: 
  1, 2, 3 ... 12 months 
  1. Ready-to-use system / no assembly necessary
  2. Quick and easy activation with dial
  3. Discharge 1-12 months / in monthly steps = more flexibility

- Reliable operation 
  at -20 °C to +60 °C 
  1. For use in hot and cold environments
  2. Year-round use for outdoor applications

- Ex-proof certification 
- FM certification 
- IP 68 protection 
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