PERMA NOVA 电子控制单点润滑器油杯

Manufacturer: PERMA
Made in Germany
Model: NOVA

Drive – reusable: Electrochemical reaction via gas generating cell
Electronic temperature compensation
Discharge period: 1, 2, 3, ... 12 months
Lubricant volume: 65 cm³ or 130 cm³ (option)
Operating temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C
Pressure build-up: Max. 6 bar
Protection class: IP 65
Standard & special lubricants:    Oil / Grease up to NLGI 2 (option)



Datasheet Lubricants


Quick Manual

Software caculation


107415: perma NOVA SF01 65cm3 multipurpose grease
107416: perma NOVA SF02 65cm3 high pressure grease
107417: perma NOVA SF03 65cm3 high temperature grease
107418: perma NOVA SF04 65cm3 high performance grease
107419: perma NOVA SF05 65cm3 high temperature/ extreme pressure grease
107420: perma NOVA SF06 65cm3 liquid grease
107421: perma NOVA SF08 65cm3 low temperature grease
107422: perma NOVA SF09 65cm3 bio grease
107423: perma NOVA SF10 65cm3 food grade grease NSF H1
107425: perma NOVA SO14 65cm3 high performance oil
107426: perma NOV A SO32 65cm3 mulitpurpose oil
107427: perma NOVA SO64 65cm3 bio oil low viscosity
107428: perma NOVA SO69 65cm3 bio oil high viscosity
107429: perma NOVA SO70 65cm3 food grade oil NSF H1
107414: perma NOVA empty incl. refill 65cc
107286: perma NOVA SF01 130cm3 mulitpurpose grease
107291: perma NOVA SF02 130cm3 high pressure grease
107294: perma NOVA SF03 130cm3 high temperature grease
107296: perma NOVA SF04 130cm3 high performance grease
107299: perma NOV A SF05 130cm3 high temperature/ extreme pressure grease
107302: perma NOV A SF06 130cm3 liquid grease
107304: perma NOVA SF08 130cm3 low temperature grease
107307: perma NOVA SF09 130cm3 bio multipurpose grease
107309: perma NOVA SF10 130cm3 food grade grease NSF-H1
107356: perma NOVA SO14 130cm3 high performance oil
107361: perma NOV A SO32 130cm3 multipurpose oil
107366: perma NOVA SO64 130cm3 bio oil low viscosity
107368: perma NOVA SO69 130cm3 bio oil high viscosity
107370: perma NOVA SO70 130cm3 food grade oil NSF H1
107271: perma NOVA drive
101464: clip for FLEX/ NOVA (plastic)

  • The fist temperature independent electrochemical lubrication system
  • Discharge period 12 months
  • Electrochemical reaction via gas generation cell 
  • Wide temperature range: -20  tot +60°C
  • LCD display with push button control
  • Control unit can be reused several times
  • Dust-tight and protected against water jets
  • Pressure build-up max. 6 bar
  • 65 & 130cc lubricant volume
  • Can be used in areas where exposive atmospheres may occur
  • Transparent plastic housing, non corrosive




Example 1 - perma NOVA automatic lubricator remote mounted to lubricant fan jack shaft bearings.

Example 2 - perma NOVA automatic lubricators mounted to vertical pump

Example 3 - perma NOVA automatic lubricators remote mounted to a fin fan at a gas plant


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